Fresh Products

We choose products from traditional farmers who work respecting the environment with a clean and sustainable way of farming.

100% Organic

Our products (BIO) cannot contain neither pesticides nor synthetic chemicals, nor genetically modified organisms (GMOs), neither for compost nor to combat pests or crops.

Shipping 24/48h

We send your order within 24 / 48h

Customer Testimonials

Marta García
“ The fruit and vegetables are of the best quality and the shipments always receive them on time. ”
Andrea López
“ I have been buying FrutaMallorca oil for a long time. Family treatment, product quality and delivery efficiency are the values ​​that stand out most of them. They are the best on the market. ”
Juan Beltrán
“ FrutaMallorca's fruits and vegetables are the best on the market. I always buy there and I have not found another website or local store with the same quality. ”