Oli de Santanyi

At Fruta Mallorca, we offer you a unique and special olive oil, the Oli de Santanyi oil. An organic and Mallorcan olive oil with green and fruity aromas, reduced bitterness and subtly spicy. In addition, special bottles are used to package this liquid gold that guarantee absolute protection from light. The organic OLI DE SANTANYI has an especially high content of the valuable polyphenols, etc. and it does not have harmful substances such as pesticides. The high quality is due to the early harvest and the High-Tech process to which the oil extraction is subjected. Only olive oils with a high content of polyphenol operant antioxidants of more than 250mg / kg have a therapeutic effect. While supermarket oils often contain only about 60mg / kg, OLI DE SANTANYI reaches values ​​higher than 600mg / kg *. The excellent quality of this oil is confirmed by the analysis and sensory evaluation (ljb laboratory, Barcelona, ​​Panell de tast Catalunya, Q.M. Laboratory, Seville).

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